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Vision, Mission, Core Values and Objectives

Technical Training Centre, Barisal plays a vital role in human resource development, increased productivity and alleviation of poverty. We take care of school drop-outs and unemployed youths to develop themselves technically sound and make them an assets of the country not a burden.
Our vision is clear and Mission is declared.

To become a leading TVET institution in Bangladesh providing skills training for human resource development empowering the poor through continuous training.

We build young and adult people by providing education and training in different demanding occupation meeting national and international job market demand.
Core Values
Q  Expertise
Q  Training & Practice
Q  Innovations
Q  Discipline
Q  Integrity
Q  Creativity
Q  Team spirit

Q  To provide the best training.
Q  To give the best effort.
Q  To make the youth productive.
Q  To achieve the goal of golden Bangladesh.