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Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 6 Month

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning:

Objective: Identify different tools used in refrigeration & air conditioning works. Installation, repair & maintenance of refrigerator, air cooler, water cooler split type air conditioner. Refrigerant charging in air conditioner. Making duct, fitting & maintenance of other equipment.  

Course contents:
R  Introducing different types of tools and equipments.
R  Workshop safety and safety rules.
R  Electricity and general electrical works.
R  Installation, repair and maintenance of refrigerator.
R  Installation, repair and maintenance  or Air conditioner.
R  Different types of controlling device used in Refrigeration system.
R  Different types of Compressor used in Refrigeration system.
R  Different types of Refrigerant used in Refrigeration system.
R  Refrigerant charging and purging.
R  Maintenance of different types of home appliance.
R  Fault Finding and repair of different types home appliance.

Course Management Team:
1. Md. Nazrul Islam (Instructor)
2. Md. Faruq Hossain (Instructor)
3. Md. Firoz Hossain Khan (Instructor)
4. Md. Mostafizur Rahman (Instructor)
5. Md. Kawsar Ahamed (Workshop Attendant)