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Garments Manufacturing 6 Month Evening

Objective:   This course is specially designed to impart technical knowledge and skills to cope with the multifaceted requirement of production units the sewing section of RMG industry. The course will provide both theoretical and practical issues including current practice to make the students confident to work in the related field.

Course Contents :
R  Practice on main and minor component.
R  Practice on industrial sewing machine.
R  Practice on drawing and cutting fabrics.
R  Practice on dress making.

Course Management Team:
1. Laila Afroza (Chief Instructor)
2. Bilkis Ara Begum (Senior Instructor)
3. Sufia Akter Lila (Instrutor)
4. Nomita Rani Pal (Instructor)
5. Raton Chandro Haldar (Workshop Attendant)