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Furniture & Cabinet Making 6 Month

Wood working /Carpentry:

Objective: This course is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills of Furniture Making & Carpenter Shutter, operation, safety & uses of carpentry tools &  equipments.

Course Contents:
R  Introducing tools and equipments used in Furniture making.
R  Planning and chiseling of wood.
R  Sharpening of chisel, Planner and saw.
R  Practice bevel cutting, dove cutting , tail cutting.
R  Practice different types of wood jointing.
R  Making Practice of different types of household Furniture.
R  Practice different operation of circular saw.
R  Practice different operation of thickness planner.
R  Practice different operation mortise machine.
R  Practice wood polishing and varnishing.
R  Basic Computer.      

Course Management Team:
1. Md. Mostafizur Rahman (Instructor)
2. Md. Khairul Islam (Workshop Attendant)